Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting behind here

It's been a busy couple of days. Tuesday morning, I took Ping to her 4 year check up. She is doing fantastically. She is 90 % on her height and 95% on her weight. She has gained 9 lbs and 3 1/2 inches!!!! After her appointment, Ayi Meri, Lucas, Ryan and me and Ping went to Playtown Express. It's an indoor play place. I have brought Ping there before. It's a great place. Unfortunately, it was much hotter in there than predicted. The kids had a fantastic time though despite the heat. Ping was really sweaty. She gets like me! It was nice to get out with friends.

We stayed home in the evening. I washed my mailbox if you can believe it. It is white and it was really dirty. It needs to be repainted! Bill and Ping joined me when they saw me outside. Later on, Bill and I fell asleep watching a show with Ping. So she went to bed much later than she should have. Talk about dead beat parents!

Yesterday I took Ping to a playground we have never been too. Funny enough it was right down the street from Playtown Express. It was the opposite exit. Both places are a good 30 minutes from us. We met with a woman that I met through Freecycle. She has three kids. She brought the two youngest as her little girl had last minute plans. We had a great time, but it was hot out. Ping and I then went to Target. She had nothing in the house to drink, so we needed to pick up some juice and water. We got a few other things as well. We didn't get home till after 3:00 pm. I gave Ping lunch at that point. I skipped lunch.

When Bill got home, he wanted to go look at new vehicles. We are planning on trading in the Caddy and getting a new car. The Caddy is old. We got to the place too late to even test drive. I think we may head back there tonight. Not sure what we want yet. I am pretty sure, but want to take my time and look. He will inherit my truck and I will be getting the new vehicle. The new vehicle thanks me for that:) Love you hubby!

Today we are home. I decided we needed a day off from everything. Ping is watching some new movies she was given and I am here at my desk catching up on life! It's a good feeling.

Before I go, I have to share some Ping chatter. When asked the other day by a friend what Mama does for work, Ping said "Mama's job is to sit at the computer." Isn't she sweet?

When I told her the other day to stop doing something she should not be doing, she said "Okay Mama" in an irritated tone. Then she said under her breath "Stupid Mama." I told her never to say that again. She doesn't really even know what it means. It was funny. I proceeded to tell her that I was quite smart and my hearing was excellent!

When we were at her doctors appointment the other day, Ping says "Where Kani, this appointment is very long. It is taking too long Mama." Her doctor is Dr. Malkani, known as Kani apparently to Ping!

Lastly, when Ping and I were in Target yesterday, we were looking at new bean bags and chairs and such. Ping sat in a chair and very seriously looked at me and said "Mama, I need a beautiful and inexpensive couch so that I can watch TV like you do Mama." I just burst out laughing and then gave her a big kiss. It's adorable when she said things like that. She is the purest joy I have ever known.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Sophie sleeping on jackets.

Shut the light off, it's bright in here.

Squinting at me at the doctor's office.

All dressed up and ready for the doctor.

Ayi Meri and Ping.

Lucas having fun.

Ryan hanging around.

Ryan hanging in a bouncy seat.

Ryan sliding.

What Playtown Express looks like.

Ayi Meri and Ryan.

Ready, Set, Go.

Ayi Meri, Lucas and Ping on the slide.

Ryan smiling at his mama.

Ping running on the playground equipment.

Ping climbing up the stairs and Trevor climbing up the slide.



Ping climbing again.

Picking flowers.

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