Monday, August 3, 2009

Talk about not knowing the date!!!!

I have said twice today that it was my father's birthday. It's tomorrow. Why did I think today was the 4th?

I got up early this morning and took Ping to hang out with Daddy while I went to a doctor's appointment. It's convenient to have him work at the hospital that I had my appointment in. They hung out and got some lemonade. Daddy got her lemonade there once and now she equates the hospital with lemonade with Daddy and cookies from Daddy's office mate.

My appointment went well and was only an hour. After leaving there, Ping and I went to Savers to drop off two vacuums and a few other things. They were my parents and we don't need them. We then went to someone's home so that I could show her the Tastefully Simple ropes. She recently signed up under me. We were there for a little while. We then went to "Wendy's House" per Ping for lunch. We brought it home. Neither one of us was thrilled with it.

The rest of the day was spent playing, watching TV, reading and making phone calls.

Daddy came home and mowed the lawn and did a few other things. Bill said to Ping tonight "Baby, try this vegetable, it's really yummy. She replied "Daddy, I am not old enough for vegetables, I'm too little." It was really funny.

I called my friend Maura to say hello and to catch up on life. I am now here. Guess I will file a few things and head to bed.

Mama Out!!!!

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