Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So darn hot the last two days

Yesterday I had to go to the dealership to drop off a few things. I then met with Meri and we went to her sister in laws pool. The kids had a great time swimming as did I. Meri swam a little. We were trying to take turns taking care of Ryan. I tried to hold him for awhile so she could enjoy the pool and relaxation. Ping and Lucas butted heads as always. Ping calls Lucas her "bestest buddy." The two of them have strong personalities. They are funny to watch.

Later in the evening, I went to see a medium here in West Boylston. It went quite well. I walked out unsure of how I felt. I was excited, but sort of disappointed too. Not sure if I can properly explain why. I guess I wanted there to be a lot of "I love yous" thrown back and forth, but it wasn't like that. They did come through though. I am fairly positive of it. It was totally worth going and I would recommend it to others. One thing my Mom said was that Ping's name should have been Joy because she is really a joyful little girl. She kept saying she was so joyful, it was really sweet. I asked if we would eventually have another one. They said yes, but it would take time and I should let things flow. I guess Mom and Dad were battling on whether it should be a girl or boy. Mom said girl, but dad said boy. The medium actually laughed over them going back and forth. She said she thought my mom was hilarious. Mom did most of the talking. I actually said "can she let my Dad talk to me please????" I really wanted to ask them if they know how much I miss them and love them, but I knew I would cry if I did. I wanted to ask if they loved me. I guess I really know the answer, but felt the need to hear it. Odd, I know. I don't get it myself. I am glad I went. I want to go to another now:) It could be like a phone call to them weekly! That would be fantastic.

The rest of the night was pretty standard around here. Didn't do anything but work on some stuff at my desk.

Today I called my doctor first thing. She is on vacation, but they said I could see someone else. I ended up driving to Norwood for a 2:00 pm appt. The doctor I saw is actually the Chief of Staff there, but he works in the Dedham office. He was great and so very thorough. I didn't expect to run down there, but I suspect I have an infection of some sort. Apparantely, it doesn't seem like I do, but will know more on Friday. We came straight home after. Bill and Ping went shopping and I closed my eyes for a little while. That drive always tires me. I had a lot to do tonight, so I wanted a quick nap. It worked. I am till here and it's 1:30 am. Tomorrow I expect to be home all dang day, so I can get a ton done.

That is all for now. Stay cool my friends!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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