Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day didn't go as planned

At 10:00 am a man who tiles was coming to the house. I got up early and got ready for the appointment. He calls me at 10:00 am and says he will not be there at 10:00 am and that he could come later or he could come another day. I say "well, I wish I knew, I would have slept in. I got up at 8:00 am to wait for you." I said so while laughing. I was really annoyed though because he didn't even say "sorry, but I can't get there right now, etc." So he says to me "well if it takes you two hours to get ready, that is crazy." I was very put off by that. It doesn't take 2 hours, but I got up, we made the bed, got Ping dressed, did a few other things and I also wanted to be ready early in case he got here before 10:00 am. So I asked him to come later. He said he would be here between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. He called me at 2:30 and said he would be here in 30 minutes. He gets here, looks around and tells me that my sub-floor must be horrible. He goes to the basement and looks and says that repairing a few tiles would be a mistake and I should have the sub-floor beefed up. I told him I agree as this isn't the first time this has occurred.

We go upstairs and I show him the tiles broken in my bathroom. I tell him that the bathroom floor is newer and that I shouldn't have any issues there. The downstairs is more of an old house issue. I asked him if it could be because Ping jumps off the tub surround. He says to me "I doubt it's your little girl jumping off and breaking the tiles. You are a big lady, you could have broken them." Are you kidding me??????? I was floored. No pun intended. He got 3 calls while he was here and said he needed to run or people were going to be mad at him. He left while on the phone. So I waited for a man who doesn't come on time and who insults me a few times? What a loser. Do you think I commented to him that he looked like Jack in the Beanstock at 7 feet and that he should grow some hair on that bald head? Did I tell him he was a rude ass? No, because I was raised better!!!!!!

We were suppose to go swimming today, but the weather wasn't good. So we stayed home and waited for this tile guy to come. The rest of the day was spent playing with Playdoh and making a huge mess. Ping did a few puzzles today as well. I made a bunch of calls for my CASA job and also some more calls to tile people.

Tonight I dropped off my Envoy to have it cleaned inside and outside. We then went to the Saturn dealership to drop something off and then we had a quick dinner. There is nothing on TV tonight unfortunately. Maybe I will go to bed at a reasonable hour? Doubtful!

I will be home all day tomorrow with no car.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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Sarah said...

I am utterly speechless!