Monday, August 10, 2009

Wish this summer would slow down!

Bill was up early on Saturday. He was collecting money for MDA with the fire department. They were in the center of town. Ping and I went to the bank and post office and so we drove by and put some money in the firemen's boots. The rest of the day was spent at home for the most part just doing some odd and end things. We then went car shopping. Unfortunately, we were not out long enough to look at everything we wanted to. So we aborted the car mission and headed to Home Depot and ran into Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe with Lucas and Ryan. We all decided to have dinner at Chilis since none of us had eaten.

Yesterday we went to Ayi Donna and Uncle Brad's house for Brad's 60th birthday party. We had a wonderful time. I didn't go swimming, but Ping and Bill did. The day was very overcast, but it didn't rain. We didn't get home till pretty late.

Today was an odd day. Around 1:00 pm or so, there was a knock at the door. I went to the door, but hadn't carried my keys with me. There was an older gentleman looking at me. I said "May I help you?" He said "Are you Sandy? I said no, are you looking for Sandy Miles?" He said "well she used to be Sandy Cummings." I told him to wait a minute. I went to grab my keys and stepped out onto the porch. I told him that I was Jill Cummings and that Sandy was my aunt and that she didn't live here. He said he was told that Sandy bought the house when her dad died. I told him that I bought the house. It was my grandfather's house and that I was the only child of Charles and Janet Cummings. He said "Chippy was your dad?" I said "Yes, Chip was my Dad and Janet was my Mom." I then proceeded to tell them that they had both passed away. He said that he and his wife were really close with my parents. He then told me his wife died 9 or so years ago. So I asked her name. It didn't ring a bell. So we got to chatting more and I finally said "Sir, what is your name." He said "My name is Bunny." I thought I was going to fall over. Talk about a blast from the past." I said "Oh my god, I didn't recognize you. You are Bunny of Bunny and Joan!!!!!" I went to Disney World when I was 12 and we visited you and you and your wife and daughter went to the Magic Kingdom with us. I have that picture still of the two of us." He proceeded to tell me that we stayed at the Contemporary and that Jody and I took off and went to the pool and they were all nervous wrecks. I don't remember that. My mom and my dad were best friends with these people. I heard about them all my life. My Mom and Joan exchanged Christmas photos and cards every year. My Mom was so upset when Joan died. I told him that it was great that he was still doing so well. Unbelievable that out of the four of them, one was remaining. All I wanted to do was run and call my Mom or wait for her to get home so I could tell her that Bunny stopped by. I knew she would get a kick out of it. Talk about a brain and heart halt when I realized I couldn't tell my Mom. It was so great to see him. It was a little awkward because I didn't remember him much since I was 12, but I knew of him my entire life. He lives in Florida, but was in New Hampshire visiting with his family. He has been here for a few months. He decided to come to Oakdale where he used to live to see who he could find around the area. It was just the most bizarre experience.

After Bunny came, Heidi came over. She is our neighbor. She took Ping for a walk to pick flowers. Ping loves to do that with Heidi. I had to be at home today for a lawn mower repair man to come by and give the lawn mower a tune up. So my day was pretty wasted waiting for him. Unfortunately, he came as Heidi was here and nobody really got my attention. I was trying to juggle both.

I tried to do a little work at my desk today, but I was really dragging. I got some stuff done, but not half as much as I would have liked too. I finally gave in around 4:00 pm and sat with Ping to watch a movie. I passed out a few minutes after sitting down. Bill came home shortly after and we went back out car shopping. We still have a few more things I need to look into. When we told Ping to put her flippies on and to get ready to go, she asked where we were going. I told her that we were going to look at cars. She said "Againnnn?" It was pretty funny. She keeps saying "Mama, you need a new car, let's get this one." She also says "Is this the one Mama, can we go home now????" We did look at a few cars tonight and had the Caddy appraised. We then had a quick dinner because it was late. We have eaten out a lot. We need to get back to a routine.

Mama Out!!!!!

Neesha crawling on me.

Maybe she thinks this is comfy?

Settled right in.

Standing on the rock and posing for Mama.

Happy chick.

Silly girl.

Looking down so sun won't be in her eyes.

Sun in her eyes.


Birthday boy Brad in the red.

About to whip into the pool.

Waiting on a juice box.

Swimming fun.

Carrot cake.

Making a wish with a little help.

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