Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another day at home

Ping colored pages that I printed out and watched some TV. I made phone calls. I set up car detailing for the Envoy because it's desperately needed. I called a few places for tile repair. We have some broken tiles in the house. I also called a few antique dealerships for pricing and questions. So I got a lot done today.

Tonight I took Ping to a playground to play with the CASA child that I am working with. He is a sweetie. I knew the two of them would run around like crazy kids while his foster mom and I chatted. Unfortunately, Ping somehow fell and did so face first. Her face is cut up. I felt awful about that. Hope it heals quickly. It also started to rain, so we had to cut our time short. However, we had a great time.

Mama Out!!!!!

My sweet baby who I thought broke out in Chicken Pox. Nah, she was just decorating herself with red polka dots. She was supposed to be doing a project with markers!

Smiling devilishly.



Sliding fun.

Stop and pose baby!!!!

Fun slides. There were 4 or so of them.

Look how strong I am!!!! She had to wear pants even though it was 83 degrees out!!!


Conquering the dragon.


Dragon rider.

Nice dragon.


Look Mama what I can do.

What Mama????

Uneven steps!!!

I am the slayer of dragons Mama.

Diving head first into the bark mulch.

My poor scratched up baby!!!!

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