Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Love

It's been a couple of wacky and busy days here.

Friday I had to run to the insurance company and then to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. I picked up Bill from work and the three of us headed off. The insurance company was easy. The Registry was a nightmare. We were there for nearly two hours. After a quick McDonalds run, I dropped off Bill and flew home to clean up the house. I needed to empty the dishwasher and neaten up a little because the social worker was coming with baby Olivia.

At 2:30, the social worker brought the baby to the house. Moments later Bill pulled in the driveway. We sat and chatted for 15 minutes or so. We really didn't get a lot of info on this little one. We were told that she doesn't like to eat per the hospital.

Once the social worker left, we headed to Walmart, Target and Babies R Us. It was very late, so we stopped to eat. Big mistake. Olivia screeched the entire time we were there. We got home, put everything away and got into bed. They slept till 9:00 am the next day. Yay!!!!

Saturday was a busy day. We got up around 9:00 am and got the girls ready. We had a 2:00 pm party to go to in Baldwinville. It basically poured the entire day which was disappointing, but it was nice to spend the day with new friends. Olivia was well taken care of by our party host. After the party, we went to Walmart for a few items we hadn't gotten the night before. We then headed home so we could put the girls to bed.

Sunday was a busy day as well. We got up early because we had a party to get to at noon. Sarah and Brad were having a get together because Sarah's sister was home from Texas. We had a nice afternoon. It's harder to visit with friends when you have a small baby that needs to be entertained constantly. I miss the freedom of being able to chat without worrying if someone will cry. However, if you want children, that is one of the sacrifices I suppose. After visiting with Sarah, Brad and her family, we went to Bill's mom's home. Bill's brother Tom is up from Virginia and it was his mom's birthday on Friday, so we wanted to stop by for a visit and to bring mom a plant. We stayed for over an hour or so. We then headed home because it was late and we needed to get the girls into bed. They were in bed by 9:30. Late for Ping, earlier than the night before for Miss Olivia.

Today I woke up and was on my own. Bill had to work of course. The day went really quite well actually. I took a shower and then Ping and I made the bed. Changed and fed Olivia and made a few calls to doctors for Olivia. We then headed to Marlboro for an errand and then to Millbury for another errand. We finished with a few around town. The rest of the afternoon was spent at home. My uncle John stopped by for 30 minutes or so to say hello. When Bill got home, he took the girls for a walk. I closed my eyes and had a little nap. That was just plain wonderful. I now have to go feed the little one and get them to bed.

Please be patient while I try to get used to taking care of both girls.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Silly Ping in her bean bag.

At Sarah's party.

Letting Uncle Tom feed her. So odd!

Standing with Bill's older brother.

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