Sunday, August 16, 2009

If I don't update daily, I have no clue what I did 2 days ago!!!!

Okay, now I remember. I was without a car that day. I dropped off the truck on Thursday night so that it could be detailed on Friday. So we spent the day at home doing various things. Just as well, it was hot out. Friday night we picked up the truck and it looked fabulous. It was so worth having the interior and exterior cleaned. Made a huge difference in how the truck looked overall. We went home and had dinner.

On Saturday, Bill went outside to mow the grass. It was practically covering our ankles. He has had not time to cut it and it was really getting unruly. So while he did that, I polished a little silver in the house. I didn't do a lot. I am planning on doing more on Monday. We headed out around 3:00 pm to go to the dealership to look at an SUV we are interested in. We decided to go to CVS first to fill a prescription. Our CVS pharmacy closes at 6:00 pm on Saturday nights which is crazy, so we decided to sit and wait for the prescription. We parked in the shade and shut off the truck. Bill put the radio on and then decided that instead of waiting in the car, he would go inside. Once he got back, he started up the truck but it was dead. The battery drained in 10 minutes. I couldn't believe it. I called Meri for help, but they were heading out to a christening, so I called AAA. They were there fairly quickly and we were on our way. It was very late to get to the dealership, but I called and told them we would come, so they said they would wait. We got to drive the SUV we wanted to, but it's not the actual one that we will get. This didn't have the seating set up the way we wanted. So after talking about getting the right one in, we left and went to dinner at a new place called "The Wexford House." We have driven there twice and both times it's been closed. Bill didn't want to go at all because it's always closed, but I said that we should try one more time. It was well worth it!!!!!! The place is small and it was crowded, but we would absolutely go again. The food was fantastic. I had chicken and Bill had fish. Ping had a bowl of clam chowder that her Daddy couldn't keep his eyes off of. We spent the rest of the night at home after making a quick run to the supermarket for a few items.

Today we had the Prentiss Family Reunion. We go every year. It's the third Sunday in August every year. I am not sure why we go. My Mom is gone and it's her family. Our family never attends. It's really family from the siblings of my grandfather. However, I went all my life, so I continue to go. I do enjoy it. It's nice to see everyone and to participate in the activities. Ping loves it. She did well at the Penny Table. She did great at the Penny Hunt as well. I was asked to read the Secretary's report and to take notes for this year since the present secretary had to go to work. After the meeting, we had the auction. It's a very well organized event. The Penny Table is just for the kids. You bring a toy and put it on a table. You buy two envelopes with coins in them. They have a number assigned to each envelope. Ping was #1 and #2. You then walk around the table and put your coin into what you want to win. Very much like a Raffle Table. Then at 11:00 am, they pull the coins for each toy. Ping walked away with a bubble sword, a sketch book, a fabric flower, a bean bag and a few other things! While I read the Secretary's Report, Ping dug for money with the help of a family member. Ping came running in and up to me in the middle of the meeting. It was funny. She had no clue what was going on, she just wanted to show me how rich she was now. Needless to say, she passed out on the way home from sheer exhaustion, but not until we took her for an ice cream.

Tonight Ping got a nice bath since she was filthy from the day. I watched "Drop Dead Diva" and "Army Wives." Great shows.

Well that is about all I can remember for now. Hope you had a great weekend. Brace yourself for the heat this week.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ping enjoying her new gifts from Ayi Christina.

Wearing a new dress from Ayi Audra.

My sweetie.

These are all mine Mama.

Hello there Mama!

Pony tail shot. Her hair is so much longer now.

Let's go baby, time to go out!

Waiting patiently for her name to be called.

Penny Table.

Building that we use for the reunion.

The Reunion Meeting. Not flattering of me at all!!!!

Bill eating pies. Had to be on the judging panel. Poor guy, right?

Silly goose.

So hot and thirsty.

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