Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another busy day here

I dropped Ping off at school, ran to the post office and to Walmart and then back to here to give Olivia to the social worker. She was visiting with her parents today. I then went to the WIC office and then to the grocery store and then to pick up Ping. I then came home and met the social worker to get Olivia and then we headed back out to go to Babies R Us. When I got home at 1:15 pm, I could hardly believe that it wasn't 5:00 pm! I was exhausted. Flat out tired. I fed the girls and waited for two phone calls that never came. I called Olivia's lawyer today and also the social worker after she left. I had some information I needed. Well nobody is talking to me. I think I pushed too hard. In a way, that is just too bad. I have a right to ask questions.

I am still reeling from the social worker asking me if I knew Olivia had asthma. WHAT? The parents are just telling the social worker NOT that this child has asthma? Then the social worker says to me, I will get you the nebulizer when they get it to me. WHAT????? This info is pertinent to her health. Why weren't the parents pounding down the door telling the social worker this information and why does it seem okay to wait on a nebulizer???? It's not okay. It doesn't matter though. When I saw the doctor last week, she told me she was able to get O's records and she wheezes. It's probably due to living with two smokers. I got the medicine at CVS last week and the nebulizer was dropped off last week to me. I told the social worker this last week. What the hell people? Who is running the asylum here? Very disappointed in the social worker who has worked for DCF for 2 years, but doesn't seem to be able to answer a simple question. I am very disappointed in the parents also. Clearly. I am not saying I am Chief Mom, but anyone can see that this information is vital to her health and why the parents and social worker were not concerned bugs the heck out of me. The parents didn't bring food or diapers to the visit today. That was the only thing I was told. They did bring her a new toy. How about some clothes folks???? I bought her two more outfits today. I suppose I should resign myself, but that isn't like me. I have to be careful with my big mouth. Maybe that is why nobody wants to talk to me???? Should I not care like a lot of others? That isn't me.

Bill came home and mowed the lawn for hours. Needless to say, it was a long day and night. Tomorrow I am taking Miss O for a bone scan. This should be fun.

Mama Out!!!!!

Bought leotard and tights for Ping for dancing. She had to try them on tonight!

I was told that orbs in pictures with my daughter are my parents. See anything here to the left of her?

Can't wait to see her dance for real at the studio.

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