Sunday, September 20, 2009

We got up early this morning. I know that isn't a big deal to most, but it is to me. Usually Bill will take the girls downstairs in the am and let me sleep. I was out of bed first. Well technically Ping was. Olivia was awake. I was the first one out of bed and that is unusual on a weekend. We all got ready and headed next door to sign Ping up for Sunday School. I went to Sunday School at the same church. I have a very limited understanding of religion. I am not very religious, so I am okay with this. I moved when I was around 10 and never got involved with another church in my new town. It seemed like everyone was Catholic in Norwood. Not sure why my parents never felt the need to seek out a church. Mom's mom went every Sunday without fail and my father's mom would go as would some others in the family. I am now back in West Boylston and happen to live next to the church I attended. I want Ping to have a better understanding than I do and thought now was the time to get her involved, so off we went to get her signed in. I feel it's important to add to her knowledge, so when she is older, she will be able to have a conversation with someone about religion. She can be whatever she wants when she grows up, but for now she will go next door to my Protestant church. Bill is Catholic, but has always loved my church, so he is more than happy with having her go there. We were married there as well.

Bill picked up Ping at 10:30 am and the two went grocery shopping. I stayed home and fed the baby and put her down for a nap. I wrote a letter, paid bills and did a few other things. It was nice to be able to catch up a little. When they got home, Bill put away the food and I checked on the cherub. She was still sleeping, so I didn't bother with her. Finally around 1:20 pm, I went upstairs and got her. We wanted to go to Start on the Street in Worcester and it started at 11:00am and was ending at 5:00 pm. We were sick of waiting on the napper and she had been napping a long time. She opened her eyes, the minute I looked in on her.

It was a gorgeous day to be out. After hunting down a parking spot, we walked around and looked at the various art and the craft booths. I ran into someone I used to work with at WPI and also ran into one of my mom's dearest friends. I was walking and looking at booths and all of a sudden I recognized something. I had to think for a moment. I then looked at the person in front of this big picture and I immediately remembered. My mom was very good friends with a woman who is an interior decorator. My mom got a very interesting Christmas card one year from Barbara Herman. It was called "Three Wise Women" and it was very artsy. Well there I was staring at the card, but it was larger than life in a huge picture frame. It was very surreal. I said "Hello." She said "Hi." I said "Barbara, it's Jill Cummings" and I took off my sunglasses. She immediately said "Oh my gosh, I was staring into space and didn't recognize you. I introduced her to Shayla because she knew about her, but never got a chance to meet her. Barbara said she got all the pictures I have sent of Shayla. She gave Shayla a little Trick or Treat bag and a magnet. It was so cute. I heard her say to one of the women sitting next to her, this is Jill Cummings, Janet Cumming's daughter. So they must have known of my mom by name or something. I told her that I thought of my mom daily and that I miss her terribly and she said that she missed her as well. I have known Barbara my entire life. It was really nice to see her.

We saw a few musicians and perfomances and then headed to the Kettle Corn booth for Bill and Ping to get some popcorn. We then left and had dinner at the Chateau in Westborough. We hadn't eaten all day and we were starving. When we got home, Ping watched her new movie and then we put the girls to bed. It was a great day.

Mama Out!!!!!

Odd art. People made out of plastic wrap.

Looking down at the music area.


Bill holding a sword. I stepped away!!!!

Wishes for the city. This was a huge display of rubber bands representing a dream catcher.

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