Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beautiful day outside today

Bill and I took the girls to WPI for Ping's Dumpling Group. We were there from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. It was a very small group that showed today. Sometimes it's overwhelmingly big. There were only three families today. The Dumplings are the girls who are adopted from China. They meet with a group of Chinese students from WPI. These students are wonderful. I can no say enough about them. They clearly love the girls. They give them so much attention. Today we learned about the Peking Opera and Face Changing, which is quite cool. Then the girls made masks. The girls then had snacks and played Chinese jump rope. That is quite the work out. Ping didn't participate in jumping rope as much as she did writing with chalk on the chalk board. Most of the girls in the group today are older. Only Ping and one other little one is 4. There is quite a range of girls usually. The students do a beautiful job planning out activities. We always look forward to going. We go every other month or so. They reserve a classroom in Kaven Hall. I have not been to WPI in awhile.

We had some lunch and then went to Walmart for baby food. Once home, I fed the baby and we put the girls to bed for 8:00 pm. They were very tired. I passed out for a few. Bill is still there. I am heading upstairs for a soak in the tub.

Mama Out!!!!!

Smiley baby.

Peking Opera masks.

Denise in red, Catherine in the back in purple and Clara with the mask on. This mask came out awesome.

Emily with her mask.

Ping with hers.

Chinese student, Emily, Clara and Camille on the jump rope. Camille was great at this.

Katie, Emily, Clara, Camile and Chinese student. Wish I knew her name.

Some students showing us how to do this.

Emily and Katie are sisters. Ping is looking on.

Catherine helping Ping to write her name up high.

Chao, Camille, Emily, Denise and a few other students watching Camille master the plastic string.

Clara, Catherine, Ping, Camile and one of the students with their completed masks. Truly love these children. They are so wonderful to each other.

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