Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Umass

Yesterday I had to take Olivia for blood work. The blood work they took 2 or so weeks ago was somehow compromised. So after dropping off Ping, we headed to Target for a quick errand and then to Umass. I was a little irritated as I stood in a long line only for them to tell me they couldn't find her paperwork. I had to go upstairs and retrieve it. I asked the woman if she was sure because the woman at Faces said she would drop it off and I trusted that she would. She is very nice and helpful and seems like she is on the ball. Well I went upstairs and there was the woman. She said "Uh oh, what is going on." She absolutely brought it downstairs, so she came with me. She told me to sit and she would register me. Another long line again. We both went in with O while she had her blood drawn. That was so much fun, not!!!!! After leaving the hospital, I went home for about 30 minutes before going back out to get Ping. We spent the rest of the day at home. My friend Jillian came over with her little foster boy and we hung out and chatted. I had a great time. Bill came home, Jillian left, we had dinner and the kids went to bed. Bill did too. I decided to watch some TV as I was really feeling pretty tired. I passed out in the middle of the show I was watching.

This morning, Bill got up and went downstairs with the girls. They came and got me around 10:00 am. I got the girls ready and showered. I then put O down for a nap. She slept for a good while, which was nice. We did a few things around the house. I asked Bill if we could skip going to the Big E today since it was so late, but he insisted on going. I kept joking that there were other things we could do. We got all the way to the Big E and turned around. Bill said I was badgering him. He laughed about it though. He wasn't thrilled, but he knew in his heart, it was too late to really enjoy the day. Also, Ping was sleeping. She has been so tired. We headed back home, but stopped in Worcester for some Chinese food. I promised him Chinese if he would forgive me for not wanting to go to the Big E. We put the girls to bed around 8:30. The three of them are there now. Bill never got back up. Shocker!!!! I got up and came downstairs to watch TV and to do a few other things. I am heading up now. I want to get up at a decent hour tomorrow!!!!!

Mama Out!!!

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