Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy day here at Casa Cummings

I got up early to shower and to get Ping to school for 8:15 am. Yucky time to get up. I rushed back to the house because Early Intervention was coming for Olivia at 8:30 am. There were a team of four woman that came to evaluate her. They felt that she was delayed in some areas and very smart and beyond her age in others. I was glad they came out. So now she will be receiving services weekly at the house.

I picked up Ping at 11:15 pm and we came home to spend the day here. I had to make a lot of phone calls for my CASA case. Olivia had an appointment at 4:00 pm with her lawyer. I felt worse after this woman left. She didn't really say much at all to me. I understand that she can't say much, it's her job. It was still very frustrating for me. The goal for this family is reunification. I do understand that DCF does always try to reunify. However, this is the second (that I know of) problem with DCF and this family. At what point do you say to this family "just because you gave birth" it doesn't make you a good parent???? I don't want Olivia to be a statistic down the line. DCF is a huge mystery to me as well as to many other people in the state. Not just as a pre-adoptive Mom, but also as a CASA worker. Keeping families together is a wonderful thing, but at what cost to the children????? I would love to fire off my mouth, but if I do, I am afraid it will just jeopardize our position to adopt a child. I will wait till I am done with DCF:) I told my friend Anita that I want to be the pitbull in the front yard like I usually am, but I don't dare. She told me that I was still a pitbull:) I just want to shake some sense into these people. This little girl would be so loved here. Instead they want to put her back into a shelter with parents that don't work and who are struggling with three kids. Do not misunderstand me. They don't have to be rich, have a job or be educated to love Olivia and her brothers. They do have to provide a safe and clean home for their family though!!!! Well I can drone on, but I won't. I have to get to bed. Tomorrow is another busy day!

Mama Out!!!!!

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