Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yesterday was crazy

We started the day with dropping Ping off at school. After feeding and having O take a nap, I had to wake her to go and get Ping from school. She likes to sleep before going back to get Ping and it's too hard because it's not a good nap. So I try to hold it off till after. At 11:30 am, Christina from Early Intervention came to do some paperwork on goals we want to strive for with Olivia. At 2:30 pm, two women from the court came to make sure Olivia was okay and living in a safe home. At 4:00 pm, the girls and I went to the skating rink because Ping had lessons at 4:40 pm and then I ran to get my hair done at 6:30. I got home around 10:00 pm or so. Long day. It's done though. Olivia was very crabby for a good part of the day. That is never fun. Ping is doing an awesome job at ice skating.

Today we have zero plans. I went to Walmart for diapers, wipes and Cherrios. I then picked up Ping, we went to the grocery store for O's formula and came home. O is sleeping. I have a choice to either eat, take a nap or make calls. I am going to go make some calls. Ping is eating, so it's quiet right now. Give it 5 minutes.

Mama Out!!!!

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