Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dancing Fever

Got up on time today. That was an accomplishment in itself. I set two alarms. I have been so tired lately. Not sure why. My energy level has been awful and I hate feeling that way.

Ping had a good day at school. I had to go to the WIC office this morning for more formula checks for Olivia. I feel awful taking WIC services, but I was told to do so by my social worker.

I took Ping to her first Creative Movement dancing lesson at 4:00 pm. Bill went to work early so he could meet me there and watch. We are not allowed in the room. There is a small waiting room with three TV's. Each TV is for a different room. We couldn't really make out much, but we could see her. The waiting room was jam packed. I felt bad because I hadn't bought my girl her tap shoes yet. I told her I wanted to make sure she liked dancing before I invested the money in the tap shoes!!!! She liked it, so I guess I will be getting her some tappers.

The minute Ping came bounding out of class, she says to us "You take me to restaurant now, I'm hungry!!!!" Bill was too, so we headed off for a quick bite. We need to shop desperately as we have nothing in the house. Once we got home, I fed O and let her rest for a short time before picking her up and bringing her upstairs for bed. She was exhausted because she skipped her second nap today. Well her dinner didn't agree with her. I gave her ham baby food. Big mistake I guess. Either that or I moved her too quickly. Anyway, just as we were heading into my room, she projectile vomited all over my hair and back. All of a sudden I started wretching. Sorry, I know that is gross. I was a mess. Bill had to help me get undressed because I couldn't do it myself. I just couldn't stop this terrible gagging. I immediately jumped in the shower. Bill changed the baby and she was happy as a clam. We all crawled into bed after that. I got up an hour later and came back downstairs. It was awful. Never again will I give ham. Sticking to fruit and veggies.

Off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ready to rock and roll Mama.


So sweet.

Ping on the TV. She is the closest to the bottom.

I wanted to see her in the room, but I know that it's not good to have distracting parents yelling "Pay attention to the teacher!!!!" Um, not that I would do that.

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