Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flu shot fun

Bill and Olivia have had the flu shot. Ping will get hers when they restock her pediatrician's supply. I needed to still get mine though. I called to cancel an appointment today and asked about the flu clinic dates. There happened to be one tonight, so I decided to go and get it. I thought there would be a line, but there wasn't at all. I was in and out. Bill actually drove me and parked right outside. Ping insisted on going in with me, so the two of us went in and back out in 15 minutes. This is the second year I have gotten my flu shot. It's because Ping picks up everything from school. I don't want to risk it like I use to.

Today was an okay day. I started the day of with my social worker coming to the house to check on Olivia. She hasn't been here since Olivia has. She thought Olivia looked like a happy baby. I tried to discuss her leaving, but I seriously didn't have my emotions under control and so I told her I could not discuss it. I wasn't sure when Olivia was leaving, but I assumed it was Thursday or Friday. She said she would have O's social worker call me with the day. She called this afternoon and said it was going to be at 9:00 am on Friday. I spent an hour or so after the call gathering up all of the toys, clothes and food that we had for Olivia and put them all in the corner so they will be ready to go.

I woke up with the worst headache this morning and couldn't shake it. After putting O's stuff together, I took a few more Tylenol and sat down and closed my eyes for a little while. Olivia was sleeping and Ping was coloring. I still have my cold. My voice is still off as well. I am sure I will get over this all soon. The coughing has begun and that is a true bugger.

When Bill got home, he and Ping had a snack and we all headed out for me to have the flu shot. After having dinner we read a book and put the girls to sleep. I fell asleep for a short time, but then came downstairs.

I am seriously dreading the next 2 days, but it's going to happen no matter how much I dig my feet into the ground. I keep telling Bill that I am thinking about the positives in Olivia going. Ping will no longer tell us that we can't put O in the car until she is in and buckled. That is frustrating. I no longer will have to tell Ping that she can't have the toy that the baby has and then watch her fall apart because I said she couldn't have the toy. Bill said that he won't miss the really messy diapers. You know, he has had to change maybe two of them? All in all, no matter how much I try to look on the bright side, I am totally kidding myself. We love her, dirty diapers and all and would be so blessed to keep her. She is a happy and beautiful baby and we are going to miss her terribly.

Hope your corner of the world is going well my friends.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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