Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Our friend Anita came over and spent the day with us. I had a great time visiting with her. She brought me my belated Christmas present with her. She got me three Pandora beads. A baby carriage, a dolphin and a pretty red Murano cirlce with pink hearts. I love them all. The Dolphin is because we were just away and swam with the dolphins. The baby carriage is because there will be another baby here soon or so she says and the red Murano with pink hearts is because I love anything heart related. I immediately put them on my bracelet. I need another bracelet now. I will have to get one for myself. Such a shame:)

Donna gave me a belated birthday present over the weekend. She gave me a Vera Bradley towel. I love it. It's the Hope Garden pattern, which I adore. So I got some gifts this weekend, not bad at all if I say so myself.

We watched Kung Fu Panda on TV and played with the baby and Ping. For dinner we had chips, burgers and potato salad. It was a very laid back day. Well as laid back as one gets with an 8 month old baby!!!!

Back to school for Ping tomorrow. She has a drippy nose and is all stuffed up. I am not happy about that at all. We dealt with this all last year. The first week she was in school, she came home with a cold. Now the first week this year, she comes home with a cold. I suppose it could be allergies, but I don't think so. I am so ready to home school. I don't want her sick and bringing it home to us all year like she did last year!!!! Well I think I might head to bed a tad early. We have to get up early so I can get Ping to school and Bill has to get to work. Maybe I can get something done around this house tomorrow?????

Mama Out!!!!!

Daddy, you must go to bed. DADDDDDDYYY? Forget it, I will join you.

TV watching can make you so tired.

My tired baby.

Neesha and Anita. Neesha falls all over Anita when she comes.

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