Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Let's see if I can remember what I did on Friday since it is Sunday night now.

I went to load the two girls in the car and hit the garage door opener. Discovered that the trunk to the new truck was up. Not sure how that would happen. I know I put it down after I was done taking stuff out of it on Thursday. Well anyway, the garage door scratched the trunk to smitherines. I was devastated. I put the kids in the car and we dropped Ping off at school. I came right back to the house because the Vet was coming for Sophie. When she left, Olivia and I headed to Target and then back to get Ping at school. I unloaded the truck at the house and headed back out. I went to the dealership to show them what I had done and then I took Olivia to her bone scan. Nobody told me that the bone scan was going to be nearly two hours!!!!! We were all pretty tired after leaving the hospital, so we went home and stayed home for the rest of the day and night.

Saturday morning I slept in. I was exhausted and since Bill went to bed early, I asked him to bring both girls downstairs. He started walking out of the room with just Ping. I happened to wake up at the perfect time to yell "Don't forget OLIVIA!!!!!!" So they all went downstairs to eat and watch some TV. I got up 11:00 am or so and showered and got both girls ready to go to Ayi Donna's house to hang out and swim. We went to their house for 2:30 pm or so. Ping swam. I was going to swim, but it was a little chilly, so I decided to forgo that. We had a nice time. Nicole and Ayi Donna held the baby a lot, so I got a nice break. Once we got home, we put both girls in bed.

This morning I woke up when everyone else did. I told Bill that he and the girls should bond downstairs while I slept some more. So I slept in. I had awful dreams though, so it wasn't a nice peaceful sleep. I got up and got the girls ready and we headed to Kim's house for a cook out. We had a nice time. I have never been to Kim's house in all the time I have known her. She and Josh bought the house 2 or so years ago. It's a nice home in Hubbardston. She lives across the road from a little pond that you can swim at. We walked over there to take a look. I didn't let Ping swim though. It was a little too chilly. We got home a short time ago. I fed Olivia. I fed Ping too. She is eating now and I knew I needed to catch up here. It's hard to remember everything that happens when a few days have passed.

One thing that I forgot to mention was that my Uncle John called me from the road the other day. He said he only had a minute but wanted to tell me that he was driving down Route 95 past the Neponset Street exit in Norwood. I used to live right off of Neponset Street with my parents. He called to tell me that my Mom and Dad would be so proud of me for taking in little Olivia and taking good care of her. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I was a little teary after the call. It was a beautiful thing to say to me. It meant a lot to me.

I can't believe how cool it's already turning. I love Fall, but I was just starting to enjoy our Summer!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping with Nicole.

Nicole sharing her Chinese rice with Ping. We were waiting on our hamburgers!

Ping eating Daddy's rice.

Ping on the ATV.

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