Friday, March 13, 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!

I am glad the weekend is around the corner. Bill bought a chain saw and is going to start cutting the limbs and branches that we lost during the December winter ice storm.

Yesterday Ping and I went shopping after school. We went to two stores. That was enough. I ended up buying her more ladybug stuff than anyone should be allowed to own. We came home and did a few things around here. We were so tired. When Daddy came home, Ping modeled all of her new clothes and shoes. She is ready for vacation!!!!! All of the stuff looked great on her. Just wish her hair would grow sooner rather than later.

Bill and Ping went to bed around 8 pm and I never saw them again. I watched ER which was awesome and went to bed at a fairly decent hour for me.

Today we are staying home. I have a few things I really need to get done here. I am determined that by the end of summer, I get the garage cleaned out and my mom's bedroom cleaned up. We have thrown so many items in there. Not intentionally really. It's not a mess, but it needs some tidying. I want to decorate that room and get a new TV for it. Ping says her TV is in the living room and Bill's is in the family room. So I am going to go buy a 100 inch BIG SCREEN TV for me!!!! Kidding. However, I do want to make that room into a reading/TV room. However, today I am not working on that stuff. I am working on a few other things.

It's good for me to keep busy. I have been so angry lately. I feel like I am being taken advantage of in a few different ways and I am getting sick of it. I feel under appreciated as well. I don't mind helping people out, but lately it's been a bit much. I wouldn't care, but time after time I am not paid for stuff or it's assumed I will carry all the costs of things until they have the money or that I should just pay for things because we are friends. Hmmm, don't think so. In fact, it's pushing me away. I don't want to be around people that do that to me. It has nothing to do with the money, it's the principle of the entire thing. I can see once in awhile, but this is happening repeatedly and I am stopping it now. I find it even more maddening because I keep hearing of how they don't seem to be doing the same to others. It's too hard to share an example as I don't want to call people out on it. I debated even blogging about it, but this blog is about me and my family and our lives. I will share an example though. My friend Karen cuts my hair and refuses to charge me for it. It drives me batty because I am happy to pay her. She always says "don't worry about it." So should I keep having my hair done and assuming that it's her job to cut my hair at no charge? HELL NO! So because she won't take money from me, I make jewelry for her, I give her items from Tastefully Simple, I take her to lunch or dinner (when she has the time.) I never want to feel like I am taking advantage of her. More importantly, I want her to know that I go to her because I like her and how she does my hair, not because she is not charging me. Does that make sense???? Karen is overly generous anyhow, she is always buying me or Ping something. She is a doll. Not that you have to buy me or my child something to be a great person. Just being there for me is all that I ever ask from anybody. So there you have it. I have been steaming about this for awhile now. I am not fronting anyone anymore for anything. Not because I can't afford it, but because I don't want to do it anymore. It's damaging my relationship with these people.

Well off to heat up some soupy for the baby.

Mama Out!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are being taken advantage of, Jill. I know that feeling all too well. Good for you for taking a stand and realizing you deserve more than being treated badly! HUGS!!!
Lisa D.