Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why can't anyone in this house get going in the morning?

It was 7:15 am when I told Bill to get up and get going. He must have not heard his alarm? Ping was sleeping when I got up. I had to drag myself out of a coma. It took me forever to wake up the sleeping princess. Finally I had to start barking at her to get moving. We had like 10 minutes to get dressed, get our teeth brushed, get our coats and bags and get into the car. I dropped her off at 8:30 am, not 8:15 am. She wasn't late per se. I went to swim and joined my class 15 minutes late. I hate when days start like this. I swore on the way to swimming, that I was going to learn how to go to bed earlier. Yeah, like that is going to happen!!!

After I picked Ping up, we went to lunch with Jenn and her two beauties. Ping was happy to see Sam and Jillian. We had a nice lunch. Ping only went to the bathroom twice I think and Sam went four times. Good thing they don't charge for bathroom usage!

We came straight home after lunch. I had a few calls to make and I was eager to have Ping try on the last of her last seasons clothes. She wasn't in the mood. I asked her if we could try the clothes on and she looked down at her Princess dress and say "hmmmm, ohhhhh" in a really sad way. So I told her to forget about it and we would get to it another day. She said "okay, I am sorry Mama." It was so sweet. She was apologizing to me for not wanting to try on her clothes! She can be so darn cute!!!! About an hour earlier, she was watching her new Barbie Princess movie and came running to me in my office crying her little eyes out. She was so devastated by something. I kept asking what happened, but she couldn't discuss it. She kept getting hysterical. She finally said that something happened in the movie. That is what I figured. She gets very upset if someone is mean or if someone gets hurt in her TV shows or videos. She is so sensitive and sweet. She has a beautiful heart. So when she didn't seem to embrace trying on clothes, I couldn't push the issue.

Later on in the night, Ping was wearing her Princess shoes and she came flying in the family room. We always tell her to be very careful in them. She is only allowed to wear them in our presence and only on the first floor. She can't walk up and down the stairs with them. Anyway, she slid right under the glass and wood coffee table. She hit her face before she went completely down. She just fell apart. Bill and I couldn't move any faster than we did right then. Bill was closer and so he just picked her up and rocked her. I just hugged them both. My heart was breaking. I hate seeing her so upset. I was worried she was really hurt too, but she was okay. Her mouth was bleeding. It stopped fairly quickly and the tears dried up. Poor little one though. She is a real trooper. Some kids barely bump themselves and fall apart in hysterics. Not this child. She really, really has to be hurt in order to cry. So if she is crying, I know she has hurt herself badly. Bill and I have witnessed her smacking her head on our headboard and laughing. She has a good tolerance for pain I guess.

It's been a long and hard day. Ping is asleep as is Bill. I am off to wake Bill and go to bed myself. My sinuses are killing me lately, so I think I may try that saline rinse stuff! I hope I get up easily tomorrow!

I hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!

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