Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing on TV tonight!

Blogging early because there is literally nothing on TV tonight. That is okay, I am doing some research online anyway.

We had another day at home today. I had to pick Bill up at 3:30 for a fingerprinting appointment, so it wasn't worth cramming anything in before that. So I did the boring stuff like empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen. Amazingly fun, no? The fingerprinting was to be done at 4:00 pm or so I was told. We left the place 2 hours later. Guess it was more like show up at 4:00 pm and sit around and wait your turn. Would have been nice to know that since we had Ping in tow! We were melting. It was like 80 degrees in the place. Ping's cheeks were bright red!!!!!!

I dropped Bill off at his work so he could get his car. We really need food for the house, so Bill he would go, but he wasn't going to take Ping. He just wanted to run in and out and not bother with bringing her. DON'T WE ALL WANT THAT FREEDOM???????? So there she is having a peanut butter and fluff sandwich and an orange and I tell Bill to tell her that he is going shopping and that she can stay here with Mama. She starts bawling. "I want to go shopping with you Daddy." So I come out of the office and hug her and tell her that Daddy would be happy to take her. Then I start to cry. Bill is looking at me like I have lost my mind. I can't help it. I don't want her to be so sad and think that Daddy doesn't want her. So I told her to eat slowly and that I would make up the list for her and Daddy and then they could go. Then all was right with the world. I told Bill that I would kill to be loved like that. It's so sweet and he is a lucky man. She wants to be with him all the time. She hasn't seen him all day with the exception of the appointment, so how can she not want to be with him. How can he NOT want to be with her. He does because he adores her, but he wants to shop like a childless man! Hmphft!

The two of them just got back a short time ago. Bill brought everything in and then went up with Ping to get her ready for bed. I now have to go and empty all the bags.

However, before I do, I have to say that Ping was so darn sweet today. This morning she says to me on the way to school, "thank you for my Princess cookies and juice Mama." Melted my heart. I was helping Ping get ready this afternoon so we could go pick up Daddy. In the middle of all this, Neesha jumped up on the ottoman in the living room. She was rubbing me and licking my fingers and biting them. They are love bites. This is something Neesha does frequently. All of a sudden Ping says "Neeshie Pie, Neeshie Pie, don't eat my Mama." It was adorable. I call Neesha my Neeshie Pie often. So to hear Ping repeat it was funny. So she is listening, just not when I want her to! Just before we started getting ready, we were talking about getting her a new brother or sister one day. All of a sudden she says to me "I want a mei mei." Sniff. That means little sister in Chinese. I said "well what about a little brother?" "Mama, little brothers can't wear Princess dresses!" Well of course they can't sweetie. Makes sense to me! GO PINK!!!! This girl continuously amazes me!!!!!

Well I better get to that stuff before it melts or goes bad.

Mama Out!!!!

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Christina said...

"Don't eat my mommy!" She loves you so much! :)