Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naps are a wonderful thing.

I slept so unbelievable bad last night. I could barely drag myself out of bed today. Even the ladies at swimming noticed I was totally dragging. Once we were home for the day, I sorted 850 pictures so I could put them into albums tonight. Shortly after lunch and a few other things, Ping asked me to sit with her. I passed out in the chair. She kept fidgeting so it wasn't really a great nap. However, it was good enough to propel me to do a lot of things tonight. So far I have paid bills, done a little more cleaning, figured out my checkbook, make a few new files, etc. Nothing exciting, but those things in life that you have to do.

I am now going to watch ER and put all those pictures in albums. I hate doing it, but it's got to be done by somebody. That somebody is usually me. I am looking forward to ER. It's been a killer season. Sad to see it go. I have barely missed an episode since it started. I love Private Practice as well which is now on Wednesday nights at the same time. I will watch it on the computer tomorrow though. I am so grateful they show episodes now online!!!!!

I hope you like the temporary background on the blog. I have been wanting to put out our Easter stuff for 2 weeks now. Maybe by July 4th????? I have asked Bill to take the stuff out of the attic, but he has yet to do it. I don't even remember what Ping's basket looks like and I need to buy some items for it before Easter is here in a few short weeks!!!!

Be well my friends!

Mama Out!!!!

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