Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I keep thinking it's Thursday, but it's only Tuesday.

Not sure why I am into rushing the week right now. It happens to the best of us I guess.

So I got up extra early today because I had jury duty. Bill stayed home so he could take Ping to school. So that is two days in a row now that I have not been able to swim. I will be back at it tomorrow though.

I know everyone that I talk to hates jury duty. I am not sure why. I don't mind it. It's fairly easy, you sit in a chair with a book, magazine, cell phone, ipod, laptop, etc. for a few hours. It's hardly a hardship. I am not saying I love it, but I certainly don't moan and groan and make the same jokes everyone else does. Everyone is always saying "I will tell them that I think the person is guilty because they are African American or because they are old. I am biased, so they can't use me." Give me a break, it's one day (for the most part) out of your life. I am not saying that if you are called and have to go daily for weeks, that it would be enjoyable. Maybe it would for some. Who knows. The thing is that it's something we have to do. Some of us do it more frequently than others. Some people have never been called upon. I have 4 times. So what if you have to sit on a jury panel for one day? You learn how trials are run, is that a bad thing? I think it's fascinating. I think I must have missed my calling.

So I got there at 8 am and checked in. I took a seat. I didn't bring anything with me, but that was fine. They had magazines there. Around 9:30 or so, a group of 49 of us was called. We filed into a courtroom and for about an hour they called on some people there and then proceeded to let them go and then sat some more and then let them go. Some people are connected to those in the case or have been in a similar situation and wouldn't make an "ideal" jury member. After an hour or so, we were released back into the main room. Those of us that had been called the first time were let go about an hour later. I was sort of surprised I wasn't called. I have been called twice before. Once was settled out of court before we finished the case and once was a one day trial. Like I said, I find it fascinating.

Here is what I don't find fascinating. The jurors and the people in the halls waiting to go into court. To me, if you are going to court to be a potential juror, you should be dressed appropriately. You shouldn't be in jeans and sneakers. It's the court system and it commands respect if you want my honest opinion. Secondly, sit there and shut up. Just sit for goodness sake. When we were not watching a video about how trials are run, we had women going to and from the bathroom a gazillion times. Now I know that if you have to go, you have to go, but some were just going for the hell of it, I swear. I got sick of watching people. Then there were the ones on the cell phones? You can't shut your cell off and read for a few hours? There were more than a few self important folks there. The woman next to me couldn't stop playing with her phone. She was older than me. She would pick up her book or put her ipod on and then she would go back to her phone. Come on lady, sit still. The woman behind me had to keep calling people, telling them she loved them and how bored she was and how she has been called 6 times and she has never been picked. Really? I don't give a shit, talk at home lady!!!!! Then there were the sickly. The guy behind me and the guy next to me in the courtroom who could not stop squirming and coughing their brains out. I literally felt like I needed a freaking shower when I left there. Cover your mouth you moron!!!!! Then there were the jurors that didn't stand and say "here" when their names were called. Tough to say that people????? I felt like I was watching a bunch of dummies. So many people didn't respond when called or didn't know what to do when they were told to sit in a specific chair number. Can you count???? My favorite was a woman who was called to the side and said loudly "yeah, I know a woman who fell and lied about it. " The rest of us silently rolled our eyes and giggled. Lady, those in Baltimore heard you!!!!!!

Now let's talk about the losers in the hallways. OMG, talk about a mass of losers. I know that is judgemental. I know that seems very un-PC, harsh, mean. Whatever. You go to court with your kids and your pink pajama pants on??????? Then there are the few walking around saying "he won't get tried as an adult, he is 17. Good thing it's not his birthday." Then there were the men with the pants around their ankles looking like punks and the women walking around with pants so tight, they could have saved their money on the jeans and gotten Saran wrap instead !!!!! There were people there that knew the courthouse better than I know my daughter. I looked everywhere because the place is basically all glass and the more I looked, the more I was put off. I know this sounds so awful, but I am only speaking the truth. I don't know them and I am sure some of them have fallen on hard times or have been wrongly or accidentally accused or it was a one time stupid mistake. However, the rest of them clearly looked like the losers of this world who make it a scary country to live in.

I will say that I was a loser today as well though. As I was leaving, I used one of the restrooms. I wasn't watching what I was doing. When I walked in and went around the corner, I saw urinals. I turned to the person on my right and said "Hmmm, clearly I am in the mens room." He said "yup." Ooops. Not a big mistake as there was a chica yelling in Spanish to her little boy toy inside the mens room. She gave me the dirtiest look like she thought I was having relations with her man while I was in there for 2 seconds. Whatever honey, that is why I am on the other side of the courtroom. Run along, you don't want to keep the court waiting!!!!! So today was a little bit like finding yourself driving through a bad neighborhood and knowing you better get your butt out of there fast!

After I got out of court, the three of us had lunch and ran some errands. Bill is at the fire department tonight and I am off to get the Pingster off to bed.

Hope your day was as fun as mine!

Mama Out!!!!!

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