Monday, March 23, 2009


Went swimming as usual today. Very irritating morning there. I am the youngest female in the pool. Most of the women are elderly. They have grandchildren and go to Florida and stay for months at a time. They are really sweet and I enjoy them. Today though, there were 4 little groups that would not shut up. It's not uncommon for them to talk during the entire class. Normally I don't mind. They are catching up and having a great time. I just wish they would be a tad more respectful of the instructor and the folks around them. When you have two groups of 3 on one side and two groups of 2 or 3 on the right, it can drive anyone batty. I just wish they would talk a little softer!!!!! So when the class was over, I eagerly jumped out and got dressed. Maybe it's just too early in the morning for me? Lol.

I ran to Walmart and the post office and then home to shower before picking up Ping at school. She is currently learning about dinosaurs. She loves school and she learns so much there. It is truly amazing what she is learning. I can see her growing regularly in both intelligence and height! This morning she looked at my nail polish and said "Mama, that matches my Tinkerbell outfit." She has a two toned purple dress. It's Silvermist's from Tinkerbell. Mind you, we haven't seen the movie. Anyway, my nails are two different purples right how. I was bored and so I put a stripe on a diagonal of darker purple over light purple. I thought it was cool that she recognized the two colors which matched the two colors on her dress. Maybe I just think she is extra brilliant because she is my daughter? So tonight I was telling Bill what she said about my nails. He hadn't even noticed them! So he says "When did you get your nails done? Who did them?" Um, hmmm, ME??? I always do my own nails. Shhhh, I snuck out of the house at 3am and had them done by the local nail salon! Silly man.

Today I went through the rest of the photos that I needed to go through and I scanned them. Unfortunately, I realized tonight that I missed a bunch of them. I had put them aside the other day and so I didn't scan them. I will do that tomorrow. Still trying to get Mom's bedroom cleaned out. Trying to stay on that path, so I can get it done.

That is about all for tonight. Guess I should turn in. The other two have been sleeping since 8:30 pm.

Mama Out!!!!!

Mom and Dad. Me, Me, Me on the right. Me, Mom, Grandma, Step-Grandpa and my Great Aunt Marjorie.

Great Uncle Gale and Great Aunt Marjorie. He was an engineer and traveled the world doing work. This is a picture of them in Indonesia. I have pictures of them in Iran, Morocco, Indonesia, Canada and a few other places. He was responsible for gigantic building projects, like a dam!!!! Amazing. I loved these two. They will remain my favorite family members of all times. I just wish I could tell them how I feel about them now that I am old enough to appreciate the. So proud of their accomplishments. I used to love hearing stories. My Great Aunt would tell me that Iran was a little scary and she had to be driven in a car and hide down in the seats often so she wouldn't be seen. Sounds like not much has changed there.

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