Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleeping baby

Ping didn't wake up when I did. When I gently tried to wake her up, all she did was bunch herself into a ball more than she already was. She slept till after 9 am. I didn't take her to school again. I missed swimming and Fridays are the best. Oh well, the Pingster needed her rest. She has been waking up a lot in the evening. I think it may be due to her cough. Bill says that I am teaching her "truancy" because I am not taking her to school. I feel bad about her missing school. She loves it. She loves here teachers. She will be there Monday.

So we stayed in all day, but we did a lot of things. I finished up my photo project. YAY!!!!!! Unfortunately it is not the way I would ideally like to do it, but I don't know as if I could do it properly and that is to put it in chronological order. So I am trying to stop being a perfectionist and just be happy with what I have done. It's nagging me though. In addition to that, I had Ping try on every outfit that is in her bureau drawers. I knew she had to have grown out of a lot of her outfits and sure enough she did! So I folded up all of the pants and shirts that she outgrew and I am about to put them into a big plastic container that Bill brought upstairs for me. I will have Bill bring down her Spring-Summer clothes soon. I can then have Ping try on all of that stuff and see what needs to be packed away. I am struggling with what to do with the stuff. I know a few people with younger girls and they could use Ping's stuff. On the other hand, we are looking to adopt again and we aren't sure of the age of the child we may be blessed with. We don't know of the sex either! So I am thinking that we will keep the clothes and when and if another child comes into our lives, we will make a decision then to pass them on if we don't need them. Some of the items still have the tags on them. She never got around to wearing all of the clothes I bought her!!!!!!

We did do a quick errand late this afternoon, but that was it as far as venturing out! It was a quiet night.

Well off to put the picture project away. It's still sitting on the kitchen table. I have to go turn down the heat in Bill's room and shut off his TV. He went to bed with Ping and never came back when she woke up about an hour ago. I also have to pack all those clothes up that are in her bedroom before she plows through them tomorrow morning when I am not looking!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Mama Out!!!

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