Monday, March 16, 2009

Life in Ping's world.

Yesterday went by too quickly. Bill worked outside again. He is still trying to cut all the trees and brush from that darn storm. Ping played with her puzzles and bounced around like a Mexican jumping bean. I did a little more cleaning and organizing in the house. I cleaned out my bathroom drawers. It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate!!!! It was a pretty low key Sunday.

Today we stayed home after our morning activities. I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything errand wise and dragging a drippy nosed baby around isn't exactly my idea of fun! So she watched TV, did a few puzzles and snuggled with me. Despite her cold, she was off the walls today. She finally hit a wall by evening though. She wouldn't stop crying over everything. Poor thing can't breath well. However, if I give her Mucinex, she doesn't catch a break because her nose drips something terrible. I did give her a little cough medicine which tastes like "buttlegun." That is bubblegum in Ping speak. It was so cute to hear her try to say it. Mind you, she is stuffy, so everything sounds funny right now.

I don't have too much to share since we have been so low key, but I will say a few things. I took a picture of Ping's hair today. I have never seen it like it was. There was a clump of hair sticking straight out. It was so funny. That is how my day started off. First of all she got up before me. She woke up when Daddy did. UGH. Anyway, I woke up, yelled "Ping" and got back a "stop talking to me." WHAT? I said "Ping, come get dressed for school." I got back "I am not talking to you." This is not how anyone should start the day. I basically said something to the affect of not caring if she was talking to me, but she was going to get dressed regardless!!!! So she comes into my bedroom and I say "Sweetie, what were you doing downstairs?" "Mama, I no touch your desk, I no touch the markers, I no touch your stickies, I no touch your stapler, I no touch your stamps, I didn't feed the babies." Mind you, she does this while looking so sad and bopping her head back and forth very fast in a no pattern. It's really quite adorable. I wish I could get on video! Anyway, so today she added "I no touch your stamps." Hmmmm, something she has added today to her mantra. I wonder why? Mind you, they are very, very high up. So I said "Well what were you doing then?" "Oh I was making mail Mama." So I got her ready as well as myself and rushed downstairs. I must have caught her just in time. She had the stamps all ready to go. This kid is looking to throw me into the looney bin before I am 40!!!!!! Tonight she wanted her medicine in the cabinet. It's very high up. I go into the bathroom where she is and she has her toes literally curled around the little decoration on top of the toilet tank for leverage. What can I do with this girl? She is such a monkey!!!!! Let me tell you, if I got stuck on an island, I would take Ping. She is so resourceful! She really is a joy.

One other thing I want to share because it's too cute not too. Mind you, it's cute because I am her Mama. Most of the time when I feed the girls (cats), Ping insists on helping. She gets me the plate, I dump the food onto it and she puts it down. If all the girls are there, Neesha always goes first since she is the alpha girl. Well Ping always says either "Here girlies" if they are all around or she will say "Happy Birthday Neesha." Don't ask me why Neesha gets to have a birthday almost every day. She is pretty low on the presents scale! It's just too cute. It's like it's her birthday cake or something! Ping will often pat Neesha's head and tell her to eat. Like they need the assistance or encouragement. It just really is a sweet routine that Ping has with the girls. As it is, everything is always black like Neeshie. Anything she sees that is black, she says "it's black like Neeshie." I also call Sophie "Sopheria" some times. Not sure why I conjured that up, but I have been saying it for years. Now Ping runs around the house after Sophie saying "Hi Sophariaaaaaa." Ping really does love the girls.

Well that is all for now. I hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

The bar stool chair to the refrigerator. The lollys were in the cabinet above the fridge. We have moved them so many times now.

Not a great photos of my poor drippy nosed baby, but you can see the hair. It was funnier in person of course.

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Christina said...

I can never see enough of that beautiful face. Glad she loves her girls so much!