Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday and Monday coverage from Channel Mama.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day. We went to Wilmington to see our friend's Marjorie and Keith. They have three beautiful boys. The weather was awesome, so we stayed outside for most of the day. The kids played on the trampoline and the swing set and in the cul da sac with bikes. Ping and their youngest Timmy got along so well. They were throwing snow at each other. It was hysterical. They were so kind with each other as well. When Ping dropped her apple and wouldn't stop crying about it, Timmy handed her a new apple. When Timmy was upset their puppy Max had his stuffed toy, Ping wrangled it away and handed it to Timmy. It was so very sweet. Right when we arrived, Timmy came up to me and told me he was getting a new sister. They have a match with a little girl from China. She is too precious and I can't wait to take some photos of her. All of her boys were wonderful, but Timmy and Ping just bonded because of their age and personalities. Bill and Keith stood out by the grill and then sat on the couch all night chatting. Bill thought Keith was a great guy. Marjorie and I were outside and inside chatting up a storm. I have known Marjorie for a few years, but never got to know the basics. So we had a great time chatting while she cooked dinner for us. It was scrumptious! We had a fantastic time and can't wait to get together again.

Today, we woke up to snow. One day it's gorgeous and then the next it's snowing. That is New England for you!!!!!! I took Ping to school and instead of going to swim, I had an interview for a volunteer position. I am excited for it and will start training soon.

After school, we came home and I made a bunch of professional phone calls. I am working on some tax stuff. It's really is an absolute pain. It was one of those days were you leave a million messages and nobody is there. However, you know they will all be there at the same exact moment and will call you at the same time so you are stressed out. It always works out that way!!!!! Sure enough, it did for the most part. It was a productive day to say the least.

I booked a vacation for us today as well. Bill graduated with a degree this year and I have my 40th birthday coming up in April. So we decided that instead of gifts, we would take a vacation. We are really looking forward to it. Now I have to pray between now and then that all goes smoothly. For those that know me, you know whenever I book a vacation, something happens. As Sarah would say "Don't put that out there!!!!" So there, I have said it and now I am going to concentrate on the positive!!!!!!

Tonight Bill had a meeting, so I had to put the girl to bed. She was sad it wasn't Daddy. What can I say baby? I read a few books and sang some silly songs and then she finally fell asleep. She looks like an angel when she is sleeping.

Daddy is taking Ping to school tomorrow as I have to leave at 7:30 am for court. This out to be interesting. She is used to me getting her ready to fly. I hope her teeth get brushed! LOL.

Well I best get ready for tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!

My cutie patootie.

I am big Mama.

Da plane, da plane.

Look at Daddy.

Woohoo, this is so much fun.

Timmy, Ping and Max on the trampoline. This was so much fun to watch. Max loved to hold on to Ping's shirt while she ran around.

Best buddies.

So sweet.

Twisting poor Timmy.

Christopher is sitting, Andrew is in the red and the other boy is a neighbor.

Marjorie and Max. What a sweetie he is.

Tired pup.

Outside throwing snow.

Ping looking down.

My climber. She will end up giving me a stroke!!!

Crazy baby.

Marjorie, Keith, Timmy, Christopher, Andrew, Bill, Ping, Jill.

Ping, Jill, Marjorie, Timmy, Christopher and Andrew.

Jill, Marjorie, Timmy and Christopher.

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