Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Home Day!!!!!

One year ago today our baby landed on American soil with us. It is unbelievable to me that it's been a year. It has truly been a wonderful journey and I continue to look forward to spending our lives together.

We didn't do anything specifically to celebrate today. Ping had school and I went swimming. After I picked her up from school, we headed to Milford for lunch with Ayi Mindy and Ciara. We got there early, so we hung out and colored. After having lunch we headed to Casa Lordan and let the girls play for the afternoon. They had so much fun. Ciara has a ton of Princess clothes, so Ping stripped within minutes of being in the house. She and Ciara had tea in Ciara's big Barbie house. It was really cool.

Around 4:00 pm, Ciara's brother Connor got off the bus. He is 8 now. I feel like he was a baby 10 minutes ago. How did I turn into that "old" person???? So distressing. Anyway, I talked with Connor for a few, got Ping to change and we headed out the door. Drove home during rush hour traffic, but we really didn't have any issues. Ping passed out within minutes of our journey home. I knew she played hard.

The rest of the night was spent on the phone, on the computer or in front of the TV making some bracelets for friends.

It's late and we have a very busy weekend, so I best be heading to bed.

I hope you have a splendid weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ping putting away the toy she was using.

Ciara riding her bike. Ayi Mindy putting out the cones so the girls know they can't go any further.

Ciara taking the scooter for a ride.

Barbie tent fun.

Ping looking out.

The girls looking out together.


Steve and Jen said...

Congrats on 1 year home!!!

Christina said...

Jill, that's so exciting that she's been home one year. Loved the update. You all have some wonderful friends!