Saturday, March 28, 2009

Once upon a time, in the middle of the morning.....

The tones go off and Bill needs to rush to the fire station. Unfortunately, the tones woke up Ping and me too! It's a pretty piercing noise in the dark at 3 am. Ping wanted to stay awake. I had no desire to do that. She was sitting straight up in bed asking where Snazzy Kitty was. She wanted to know when Daddy would be home. She said she missed Daddy. Meanwhile, I am like "huh, eh, what?" I hadn't been asleep that long when the tone came in. I don't remember when Bill came home. The next thing I know is that it is light out and Ping is annoying the hell out of Bill. I don't know what she was doing, but he was getting hurt. She must have been crawling on him. She wanted him to get up. It was breakfast time. I passed back out because now I am having a terrible dream that the three of us went back to China. Ping was driving Bill crazy, so he opened the limo door and let her out to fend for herself. I was asleep in the limo, so I didn't see him do it. Why the hell are we in China and in a limo? I have no idea. Anyway, people find out that he let Ping out and so they write us up. They also bring their friends by to see if they want to adopt her. They said we will never get out of the country with her because our names are flagged. More importantly, I want to find Ping and I want to know why Bill let her out of the limo! It was a very crazy dream. I can not begin to tell you how real it was. I was so sad and sick over losing Ping, I thought I was going to throw up. I finally jolted myself awake at 10:30 am. I look over and there is Bill. I immediately wake him and say "Where is Ping, go check on Ping please? I couldn't move fast enough because I was in a terrible fog from the dream. She was downstairs watching TV. I guess she got really frustrated with Daddy not feeding her because Bill found 6 cracked eggs in a frying pan on the stove. The stove was not on. Bill said she didn't even make a mess. She must have had a hoodsie cup or two as well since her nightgown was brown all over. I noticed that when she came upstairs. So our morning stunk!

Bill went outside this afternoon to do some yard work. We stayed inside and I had Ping try on her summer clothes from last year. Two hours later and we were still not done. We both gave up. I will have her do some more on Monday. I just want to get the project done. She has grown out of most of her stuff. Her shoes fit for the most part as do her hats.

I had a Tastefully Simple party tonight in town. So Bill brought me to the party and helped me bring in the stuff and then he and Ping went home. I called to have them pick me up around 8:30 or so. We went to dinner because none of us had eaten. What a bad idea. I ordered something new and I hated it. So the waitress asked if I would like something else. So while I was waiting on something else, Ping passed out in Bill's lap because she had already eaten her food and it was so late. When mine finally arrived, I had to have it wrapped since Bill is on call tonight. I came home and threw it in the refrigerator. At that point, it was too late to eat. I caught a Lifetime movie and now I am here blogging. I am off to wake Bill and go to bed. It's after 1:30 am and morning comes early here!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

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