Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still rushing the week!

I have been thinking it's Thursday all day. Why I am rushing this week is beyond me. Could losing one hour of sleep over the weekend be the cause of all this? I doubt it.

Today was a very busy day at home. I had plans, but they were rescheduled. So I got a million things done around here and I was so pleased. I wish I could do this daily. Not all days are like this though. I ironed, sewed a button on Bill's pants, made up a few files for the file cabinet, made a bunch of phone calls to people interested in adopting from the agency we used, put all pictures together to upload tomorrow and a few other things. Bill came home and said "Where is my dinner woman?" He then said "now that you are sewing and ironing, cooking a nice meal is next, right?" Absolutely sweetie and then I will be calling the divorce lawyer because I won't need you anymore. He then said I should fetch him his pipe and slippers too! Where did this man come from? Clearly he fell off of a turnip truck and struck his head hard! Really, he should insist on cooking, just so I keep him around. Ping would miss him, but he is just another person that takes all the covers, hot water, leaves messes behind, etc. Really, why does one keep a husband? Lol!

Well that is it for tonight, I need to get some sleep. I need to wake up the snoring hubby in the other room too and that takes forever!

Hope all is well.

Mama Out!!!!

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