Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our dryer is fixed.

I had an appointment at the house today from 12-4 pm. Our dryer has had no heat, so I called someone last week and they came today. I expected a middle aged, maybe 50 ish man to come and fix it. A thin, very thin woman came to the door. Not that a woman can't fix a dryer, but it's not what I expected. We have come a long way baby! Every time you say you have a doctors appointment, don't people still say "What's his name?" A lot of people assume the doctor is a man. Bill called while she was here and said "Don't forget to tell him that we already replaced the brain to it once." I had said a few times that "she was here." He wasn't getting it. He finally heard me say "SHE."

So basically we were chained to the house for the day with the exception of swimming and school. Bill got a haircut after work and ran to the grocery store. We sat waiting for him in the chair as we usually do. Ping loves to watch him drive in the driveway. Ping kept trying to put her head down which is somewhat unusual. She was really tired, so I told her to lean her head on me. By the time Daddy came home, she was passed out and had been for a little while. We woke her though. If we didn't, she would run around all night long and never get any rest. Right now she is in the tub and she is heading to bed. I hear footsteps. She is coming to give me some kisses and hugs before retiring. Got to go!

Mama Out!!!

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