Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another two days in the life of Ping!

Yesterday was rather boring. School and swimming and then home for the afternoon. I did a lot of cleaning around the house. We had a 4:00 pm appointment with a social worker from the State of Massachusetts. She was here to do a Safety Standards test. The house passed. I was relieved. You have to have outlet plugs in, non-slip pads for the tubs, knives, medications and chemicals locked up, locks on doors, fire detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors. They are very thorough about safety. She then sat with us and asked for a boatload of information. She got a kick out of Ping. It was the first time she had met her. Needless to say, Ping was off the freaking walls. The one time you want your child to be sweet and innocent! Ping was spitting from the top of the stairs down to the hallway. She has NEVER done this before. She was also sucking in air and made this loud noise. She was laughing like a crazy lady. Do you think she had any interest in watching a movie or coloring????? What a sweetie, no?

Bill made dinner and put Ping to bed. I sat down on the chair and closed my eyes. I kept waking up, but couldn't move. I was so tired. I have no idea why. Finally at 1:15 am, I dragged my lazy butt up the stairs. Then of course I was wide awake, so I didn't sleep all night. I believe that is why today I woke up with a killer headache!!!!!

Today we had errands to do. After I picked Ping up from school we went to the bank, the Town Offices and Walmart. After I put our stuff away, I used my saline nasal bottle and tried to clean out my sinuses. I still had a headache. I finally broke down and took my headache medication. Unfortunately, that makes me very drowsy and it upsets my stomach. I already had a funny stomach today, so I didn't want to add the medication to the problem. As predicted, it bothered me. I had to make a couple of important phone calls today. During the first one, Ping was watching a new video. However, she got bored and decided to come in my office and slam the door. She would then open and slam again. I gave her a dirty look, she giggled and continued to do it. I finally got her to stop, but then she crawled under my desk. She wasn't in the way back where the power to the computer is, she was closer to my feet. She bumped something though and it shut down the computer. I was so angry. I was on an important call and it's one of those calls where you can't let them hear you beat your child, you know? Relax, I am kidding for the most part! Seriously though, you can only say "excuse me, Ping, can you please stop that" so many times!!!! So I got off the phone, got her set up with a new program and explained that I needed to make an important call and I needed her to behave. So she was good for the second call. Mind you I then had to majorly fiddle with the computer. Not something I enjoy or even am good at!

Finally I figured it out the computer, but by then I really had to sit with Ping. She likes me to sit with her for a little while and look out the window for Daddy. Well we both missed Daddy coming home. We were passed out. I looked up and Bill was taking a photo of us. A very unflattering photo. He was disappointed I woke up. It's hard to convince someone what a busy day you have had cleaning and doing errands when you are sitting there passed out! Oh well, what can I say? Ping never sleeps and for some reason, she fell asleep. I finally had to wake her up. If she does pass out, she won't sleep at night. That starts a vicious cycle. They say that once they reach the age of 3, they don't need a nap. She doesn't, but occasionally she is tired. Today must have been one of those days.

We got her dressed and headed out for an appointment with our accountant. We owe taxes this year. It's upsetting, but there is nothing we can do about it. After we left there, Bill insisted we eat dinner at a restaurant across the street. I had no desire as I have been fighting this stomach thing all day. However, he was walking across the street and not listening to me. We ate two very cheap sandwiches. Ping had soup. We then came home. Those two are in bed now. I am hoping Bill comes back down to get the laundry going. It's quite a mess. I have to make a bracelet for someone and do a few other things. I am off to do that now.

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!

See why I don't like sleeping with her? This is what I found the other night. She never lays the correct way, her legs are everywhere and her pillow is her kitty! Not usually though. Too cute.

Ping and Snazzy Kitty.

Passed out Ping and me.

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