Monday, March 2, 2009

Schools out for summer!!!! Yeah, right!

Well due to the intense snowstorm we have had today, school was closed. I left the computer on the news channel so Bill could check it before heading off to work. There I am in a very intense dream and he puts his hand on my back and says "school is canceled." I jumped out of my skin. I was dreaming that I was packing up my old house. It was a fairly emotional dream. I did fall right back to sleep. Unfortunately, I didn't hear my two alarms. I did because I shut them off, but I don't recall them going off. When the phone rang at 9 am, I woke up startled. I jumped from the bed to get the phone all while scanning the bed for Ping. She wasn't there!!!!! Of course she was not, it was past the time she sleeps. While I was talking to Bill the little lady appeared. Her entire face had chocolate ice cream on it. She had gotten into her flower ice cream. Immediately I started asking questions. "Did you touch the kitty food?" I got back "No Mama and I didn't touch your desk." I have to say it was hysterical. Even Bill heard her say it. Of course I was like "you sure?????" She was emphatically shaking her head no back and forth.

I jumped in the shower and quickly got dressed. When I got downstairs I immediately scanned for damage. She did very well. She overfed the cats dry food. I don't think she thinks that dry counts. Only the wet stuff must count as being into the cat food. She fingerpainted her chocolate ice cream all over my coffee table. A little windex for that and it was clean. I had Ping wipe up the wet spots from hitting the cat's water fountain and I had her pick up the food on the floor with a dust pan and brush. She was only two sweeps in when she declared that she was very tired. So I said "Cinderella, get a move on it!" She is tired? What a complete bullshitter she is!

She wanted to watch her two Barbie cds. She loves them. She was great while watching them. After that it was utter chaos. She was off the walls. She wouldn't stop being a monkey hopping all over the house and jumping on me. I was thrilled when Bill walked in the door, but he went out to snow blow the driveway. So my reprieve wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I told Bill when he came in that she was all over me like a cheap suit and it was irritating. She pulls hair, puts an elbow in an inner thigh, steps on ankles, pulls your clothes, etc. Not that I don't love her to pieces, but some days I just don't want to be a freaking jungle gym. She was like this all day yesterday and by tonight, I was done. So I told Bill about this and he kiddingly is like "well what do you want, she is 3.5 years old?" Not more than two minutes later, she drags him to the couch and tells him that they need to play together. So she steps on him, trips over him, crushes his ankles, etc. At this point I am sitting in the chair and laughing hysterically. I love watching him go "Ouch, Ping that hurts, don't step on my ankles. PINGGGGGG, you are killing me here, you just stepped on my neck." Man, I couldn't have done any better with a voodoo doll. I loved every moment of his pain. The I told him that 30 minutes is nothing compared to 8 or 9 hours!!!!! So he proceeded to tell me that she doesn't step on me and elbow me like she does to him. Oh yeah, it's her sweet twin and it's barely a nudge when it happens. Come on now!!!!! She does this to me all day long. I am sure I have multiple bruises at this point! Clearly, Bill is out of touch. So this was basically our night.

Shortly after playtime, Ping had dinner and went to bed. I watched "P.S. I Love You" and cried like a baby. It was funny, but so heartbreaking too. Now I am off to bed as it's 1:00 am.

Mama Out!!!!

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