Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pancakes at Overlook Farm

Overlook Farm (part of the Heifer Project) in Rutland was having a fundraiser today, so I made reservations for the three of us to go to their pancake breakfast.

For those of you interested, this is what Heifer is all about.

Heifer's Mission to End Hunger

Heifer envisions…
A world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.

Heifer’s mission is…
To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

Heifer's strategy is…
To “pass on the gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

Heifer’s History
This simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief caught on and has continued for over 60 years. Today, millions of families in 128 countries have been given the gifts of self-reliance and hope.

So we arrived at 10:30 and immediately ran into our neighbors Heidi and Erika. It was so nice to see them. They are the neighbors that have babysat Ping before and they always take her for a walk and to pick flowers in the nice weather. So it was so nice to see them.

We got in line to get pancakes, sausage and bacon. Bill loaded his plate and Ping's. I had just pancakes. I didn't want to keel over from the grease or die from the salt for the rest of the day. So we ate and then went to the gift shop to look around. The entire outside was pure mud, which made for looking around difficult. We have the sneakers to prove it! We went into one of the barns to see rabbits and baby goats. We then stopped to see chickens, big goats and then a camel. He stole the day for me. He was so cute. He was huge. He loved Ping. He kept trying to knock her over and give her kisses. I got some great photos of it. He finally just decided to suck her hair. A few people were freaking out. I was calm about it. I didn't think he was going to eat her! We then went into the Sugar Shack to see how they make maple syrup and then we toured the Global Village. They were not making maple sugar because so many trees were damaged during a big storm we had in the beginning of December. So they were boiling water to demonstrate the process. The Global Village is a bunch of houses that represent different countries. There was Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, Poland, China, Ghana and a few others. It was interesting, but hard to enjoy since it was really pretty treacherous due to the slippery mud! We had a great time though.

After touring the place, we went to Walmart where Bill ran in and grabbed a few things we needed. I stayed in the car with a sleeping Ping. Neither one of us had on shoes as they were too muddy to wear!!!! I don't know how Bill made out better than we did!!! Anyway, Bill has had a terrible cold and he was nice enough to pass it onto Ping, so she was a sniffling, coughing, snarly little chick today! I feel like I am fighting the cold off now. Irritating.

Anyway, we were all tired. Bill has had a raging sinus headache all day and we all just wanted to go home. Ping played with her puzzles and peed all over the bathroom. She didn't make it to the bathroom in time and she was wearing her big girl undies. I worked on some Tastefully Simple stuff and also did some cleaning and posting on Freecycle. Bill worked outside with the chain saw. He is trying to get rid of our damaged trees from that same storm.

I ended the night with watching a Hallmark movie. I swear that tissue companies and Hallmark are in cahoots with each other! I then watched an old movie "This is My Life." Now I am here blogging. So I will add some photos and be back tomorrow.


Mama Out!!!!!!

Big portion that Daddy dished out.

Happy girl with drippy nose.

Goofy baby.

Baby goat. So adorable.

Ping petting and smiling.

Pregnant bunny. They aren't kidding when they talk about bunnies and "that."

Knocking Ping over.


Oh you smell so bootiful, let me sniff and suck up your hair like a vacuum.


This lovable guy swayed from foot to foot, it was the cutest thing.

Maple sugar process.

Bill in the Thailand village.

Guatemala kitchen.

Guatemala sleeping space. Talk about not being able to get away from your spouse or children!!!!

Guatemala livestock.

China (Tibet).

This big guy loved Ping as well.

This was adorable. We have at home a back scratcher. So if me or Bill is itchy, Ping grabs it from my office and scratches our back. So when she saw that this big guy was itchy and I said "oh he is so itchy," she grabbed the stick she had been carrying and itched his side with it. Everyone around including Bill was worried she was trying to poke him. I knew what she was doing. I thought it was so loving and thoughtful of her. I love to see how she correlates information.

Endangered piggies. So sweet.


Catherine said...

This started Paige's and my day off perfectly! The baby goat is so cute (I want one!)

and the camel and Ping and Bill pictures are PRICELESS!! Great Job with your camera catching those kodak moments!

Paige wants to know when your family is coming to Florida....."maybe in a couple of weeks, Mama?"

kiddos! We love Ping stories in our house!

Christina said...

I love her hands over Bill's eyes, LOL! Just more proof that she's irresistible!