Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop spilling stuff baby, please?

We had another very lame day today. We did one errand at the Auburn Mall after school. I wanted Ping to try on a larger pair of sandals than the ones I bought. I kept the ones I already got her though. The next size up was a little too big. I then took her to the bathroom at the food court. She saw hot dogs at Orange Julius and insisted on having a dog!!!!! So I got her a hot dog, bag of chips and an orange drink for $4.29. She ate the dog and most of the chips. She wanted to bring the rest home. As we are walking, she took one chip out and said "this one is for Daddy." She just melts my heart when she does this. A man overheard her and couldn't stop smiling. I told her that I was so proud of her for wanting to share, but I think the chip should be kept in the bag so that it doesn't break! So she stuck it back in the bag! I carried her drink out for her because the cup top was not very secure at all. So Ping says "be careful not to drop it Mama, it would be messy okay, be careful Mama." She then told me not to drink any because it was her drink. Mind you we got another couple of looks from people when Ping said not to drop it. I guess it's because of her voice or how she says things? It's just too cute! I am a tad biased, I know. So we jumped in the truck and I put the drink in the cup holder. Ping passed out in the truck on the way home. When we got into the garage, I told her I would carry the cup in and I would transfer it into a safe drinking cup. So we got in, took off our jackets and hung them up. Went to the bathroom, put some stuff away, she got into her Princess dress and then she said she wanted to watch TV. So I turned it on for her. She walks over to the table and gets the drink. I had yet to change it into another container. She says "don't worry Mama, I will be very careful, I am just putting it over here." Ten minutes later, the entire thing was on the floor. I knew it. I knew I should have transferred it right then and there, but I was trying to let her do her own thing. It's a fine line I walk every day. Independence or me knowing better (or thinking I do) and stepping in.

About an hour later, Ping grabbed one of Daddy's Gatorade drinks out of the fridge. She asks me to open it. I tell her to be very careful and to put the top back on when she is done taking sips out of it. Ten minutes later, she is running in the kitchen getting paper towels and praying I am not watching her. Of course I am! I walked over to help her. She starts with the "I am so sorry Mama." I told her it was okay. It happens to the best of us. Thank goodness she didn't get it all over the puzzle she was playing with.

A little while goes by and Ping goes into the bathroom. No biggie. I hear the toilet flush and her wash her hands and then open the door. Then she shuts the door and it sounds like she is going again. At this point, I am wondering what she is up to. It's that fine line again of independence or wondering if I should step in. So I go to the door and listen. Well the damn door is frosted and she can see me! LOL. She tells me I can't come in. So I asked her what she was doing. She was just washing her hands she told me. So she finally opens the door and the entire floor is wet, the plunger is sticking out of the toilet and the toilet paper is all gone! So I asked her what happened. She said she just went to the bathroom. Well she overstuffed the toilet I guess! So I dried her and the floor. I tried to get the plunger to budge the water and such, but it didn't work. So I did what any good wife would do. I left it for Daddy! Don't I rock?

At one point today when Shayla was being exceptionally cute, I just hugged and kissed her and told her how much I love and adore her. I just want to freeze that moment. I was getting all teary just thinking about how I won't get to spend my entire life with her. She will grow up. I hope she grows up. I hope the three of us can dodge the obstacles of life so that we can be together forever. I sometimes worry that I won't have these precious moments forever. I want me to be me and her to be her at this stage forever. Every once in awhile it profoundly hits me that I am a parent of the most precious baby and that she was given to me by China. I feel like we snuck her over the border because she is so perfect and I don't know how they could ever let her go. I wish I could meet her biological parents so that I could thank them for giving me their most precious gift. I wish I could see their body shape. I swear she has the best athletic looking legs! She is so unbelievably gorgeous to me and to see her laughing like she was tonight with Daddy and me, well it just warms me internally. I love her laugh. I love when she laughs so hard, she can't breath. She smacked my butt tonight, so Bill smacked hers. It was love smacking, not anything bad. She was beside herself. She could not stop laughing at how we were all chasing each other. She is truly the most precious gift and a year later, I still feel that way. When I handed her drink to her in the backseat for a quick sip, it struck me so funny that I have a small being driving around with me now. I can't imagine life without her back there. I had many moments today that just stuck with me. I wish I could share these feelings with those who don't want children, just so they could see what it was like. Not that they would change their minds. I totally respect those who have not wanted to add children to their lives. I just wish they could for one moment understand that preciousness that comes from parenting a sweetheart. It's the most energetic flash of energy for me.

Well anyway, that was basically our day. Daddy came home, fixed the toilet and played with Ping. We were going to do dinner, but Uncle Joe had a long commute home from work and wasn't going to be home till late. We were going to try a new Thai restaurant. We will get there another time.

I spent some time this evening cleaning out the freezer. Throwing everything away except for a few things. Bill is going to go grocery shopping this week and we are looking to stock the place with some good stuff, like green beans. Go vegetables! I also watched "Vantage Point." Bizarre movie.

Well I must bounce hubby off the couch so we can get upstairs and into bed for the night. I hate waking him up. It's nearly impossible. Well I don't have to now, because Ping just came downstairs wondering where we went! Off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!

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