Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Bunny and lunch with a good friend

Yesterday we took Ping to see the Easter Bunny at the Hebert Candy Mansion. She didn't mind sitting on his lap. She also didn't mind walking around the place and picking things up for herself. She picked up a Max and a Ruby stuffed animal. I said to Bill "I think one is good enough." Bill didn't agree. So of course the princess got both. She also got a small ladybug and 4 long candy sticks. I just walked around laughing and saying quietly behind her "whatever you want Ping, no worries." HELLO????? It's adorable because she doesn't act like she is entitled to it. I don't think she thinks she is entitled to it. She loves to hold stuff, so she just bounces around and gathers things. Well I haven't gotten her anything really for Easter yet, so I figured she could have these items. Better than candy for her!

After we left there we headed to Norwood, which is an hour away. Our dear friend Maura is in town from Arizona and she wanted to see us. So we picked her up and went out to lunch. It was great seeing her. We sat in the bar section of the restaurant. That wasn't a big deal as it was a Sunday afternoon, but we did have a bunch of Irish people next to us. Maura actually knew some of them. They would occasionally pop over and talk to us. They got a kick out of Ping. Ping also thought it was her job to clean up any spills Maura made and also to throw away any used napkins. So she would go to the trash barrel she found and then back. Twice she slipped in her shoes and fell on her butt. We laughed, she laughed and everyone at the bar laughed. They really enjoyed her and kept telling her how cute she was. Very strong brogues on some of them, so I am not sure Ping caught what they were saying. However, at one point a woman said to Ping "How would you like to buy some candy tomorrow?" Ping was all over that! So the woman handed her a $5.00 and said it was from the guy next to her. He was part of their group. You would have thought she was handed a million dollars. She was so excited. Her entire face lit up and she smiled this gigantic smile. She gave them all a hug and kiss. They were tickled pink. So was she! I asked Maura when we were leaving what that was all about. She said that when she was growing up, Irish people always gave her money as well. It's just something they do. So I told Maura that I need to hang out in bars with my child more often. There will be college tuition to pay for eventually, you know? LOL. We laughed. I said "Maura, Bill is Irish and I am lucky if I got a card from his freaking family in 20 years, never mind a buck." She said he wasn't really Irish, he was pseudo Irish. Bill is Scottish as well. We had a good laugh over that one. Shayla Nicholson only happens to be an incredibly Irish name! I had never heard of this money thing. Where have I been? Anybody ever grow up with this?

After lunch, we went to visit Bill's Mom in Foxboro. We stayed there a little over an hour. Unfortunately, the woman can not hear well, so it's really difficult and frustrating to have a conversation. For some reason, she thinks Bill is a good interpreter. I scream "How are you?" She says to Bill "What did she say?" So an hour spent like that is a long freaking hour. She is a nice woman, but she is 80 and can't hear! She loves to see Ping. Ping doesn't see her often enough. Bill's Mom said "I wish I could see you daily, we could have all sorts of fun." Hmmmm, now there is a thought! Quiet time for Mama. Bill said to me in jest "Why don't we have her move in?" HA!

We didn't get home till after 8 pm. I watched a little TV and that was the end of my night.

Today I took sleeping beauty to school. Bill and I found her wide awake at 3 am! Not sure why. However, she was dead asleep when I got up this morning and that is very rare. She is feeling better too. Her sleep schedule seems to be a mess and I don't know why. I hope it gets better as the week marches on. So I got Ping to school and me to swim. After school we stayed in. I had quite a few Tastefully Simple orders to put in and Ping was really tired.

I seriously have worked at this desk all day! So I am going to upload a few photos and go tidy up some before watching TV for the rest of the night.

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping with the Easter Bunny.

Tried to get a photo of her with the nice decorations. She wanted no part of it.

So here are the nice decorations without Ping.

Ping with Maura.

Grammy, Daddy and Ping.

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