Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well the alarm went off this morning. I looked over at Ping and she was out cold. She is usually up humming and dancing. So I decided to let her sleep. She woke up at 8:30. I didn't take her to school today. Between the drippy nose and the coughing, I think she really needed the rest. When she did get up, she was full of energy, so the cold isn't getting her down. So no swimming for me and no school for her. I worked a little on the photo project that is taking me forever to accomplish. I have a lot more to do still. I am determined to get it done though. Around 2:30, I decided to sit with Ping while she watched Swan Lake. She was fidgety, so it wasn't exactly pleasant to sit with her. I did end up falling asleep for a short time. Not sure why I fell asleep. I woke with a terrible headache this morning and I guess I thought closing my eyes would be a good thing to do? The nap was short lived due to Ping bouncing around.

Bill came home at 5 pm and I ran out the door for a massage. My neck has been bugging me, so I booked an appointment for myself. I then went to Walmart for something. That was a bust because they didn't have what I needed. I was only there for a few minutes, but long enough to run into someone I didn't want to. I came around the corner and all of a sudden another customer and myself started playing cart footsie. You know, when you go one way and they do and so you switch and then they do???? Well after that was over, which was a mere 2 seconds, I looked at her and realized it was my cousin. Not sure if she ever looked up before I had. When I did, she wasn't looking at me. So maybe she never did. We both went our own ways. Then of course I had to watch where I went because I did not want to see her again. I did, but she didn't see me. At least I don't think she did.

I came home to find the house a mess and Bill and Ping sitting on my chair in the living room. Why can't these two keep the house neat for 1 hour? Really, is it a total hardship??? Very frustrating. Bill and Ping went to bed and I called Anita back. She called while I was out. So we chatted for a little while and then I watched ER. One more episode only. Sad to see it go.

Well I am off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!

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